Art advisor Elizabeth Margulies brings a unique and diverse skill set to every project, utilizing her extensive knowledge of the contemporary art market, as well as a vast and trusting network of artists and galleries. In addition to advising private collectors, she has developed many ambitious art activations for clients in real estate, hospitality, entertainment, and corporate industries, including brand collaborations and artwork licensing for a broad and diverse range of commercial projects.

Elizabeth is passionate about helping each client realize their long-term vision. Founded on the belief that art has the ability to positively influence our daily lives and the spaces in which we live and thrive, the consultancy’s mission is to develop memorable art activations that inspire, spark conversation, and elevate any environment.

Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Design from the School of Visual Arts, and a Master of Arts degree in Modern and Contemporary Art from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York. Growing up around her family’s world-renowned art collection, The Margulies Collection and Foundation, has allowed her to cultivate an encyclopedic knowledge of art history, the contemporary art market, and the inner workings of the art world.